Elite Dangerous Neutron Router

This page will allow you to plot between two different star systems. The result will show you every time you need to go to the galaxy map in order to plot a new route (for instance when you are at a neutron star). It will prioritise neutron stars so should be avoided for journeys which are lower than 500 light years (It will likely try to route you to Jackson's Lighthouse first if you're in the bubble).

If you have a low maximum range (10-20 LY) you may end up using a boosted jump into a system which you do not have enough range to jump out of. You should be careful when plotting using this and check that you can get out of the system when you are on the galaxy map.

Increase this to reduce how far off the direct route the system will plot to get to a neutron star (An efficiency of 100 will not deviate from the direct route in order to plot from A to B and will most likely break down the journey into 1000 LY blocks).